When Susan Bond earned her degree in Psychology, she
knew that her mission in life was to help people help themselves. But after serving as legal guardian to 13 teenagers in state's custody, she quickly realized the inefficiency of our nation's social service programs. Especially in today's world, people need real achievable solutions -- practical paths to physical, emotional and financial wellness. It's not enough to simply provide the education, it's the mentorship, tools and hands-on experience that make the difference!

For the past two decades, Susan has aligned herself with some of the most dynamic business and personal development professionals in the country. She has mastered the art of getting in the room and making connections; quickly building a multi-million-dollar network to take her business and life to the next level. As an educator, coach, speaker and author, Susan is passionate about giving back. She serves on multiple boards including that of her local Chamber of Commerce and her family’s new charitable foundation to help inner-city foster children in Los Angeles, called “Bonded In Faith & Love”.

Susan is a proud mother and entrepreneur -- enjoying the benefits and freedom to be both an active parent, as well as a successful professional. Working with some of the top specialists and mentors in multiple industries has provided a wealth of knowledge and created incredible
opportunities that she now shares with her students, clients and colleagues; including methods that increase lesson retention by up to 90%! Susan teaches winning mindset, business and leadership strategies to students in one day that they WILL remember and use for a lifetime.