Learn With Manny Manny Lopez | #FromOrphanToCEO IN THIS APP, YOU'LL FIND: - BEST IN BUSINESS: Access top industry experts & Manny's personal Rolodex of superstar clients! - WORLD-CLASS EVENTS: Want to network with business professionals, millionaires, & billionaires? Manny Lopez offers exclusive VIP invites to all his favorite events throughout the year! - FREEBIES: From time to time, Manny will send out a FREE text alert with some type of FREEBIE! It might be tickets to an event he's speaking at, free resource, etc. - FREE 1 ON 1 WITH MANNY LOPEZ: Want to learn about automation marketing? Hire Manny to speak at your event? Need an app? Access to a resource or referral? Book a FREE 1 on 1 with Manny directly in the app! - EXCLUSIVE FREE COACHING: Manny teaches on social media, mobile marketing, and video marketing! His coaching has been accessed by over 180 countries and has personally consulted over 800 brands worldwide! Some coaching he provides in this app is EXCLUSIVE to this app only! DOWNLOAD THIS APP FREE TODAY! * * * * * * * * WHO IS MANNY "THE MAN" LOPEZ? Manny helps create & enhance experts with unique lead generation & automation marketing strategies. A husband and father of 3, he devotes his time to creating a lifestyle of being #TooBlessedToBeStressed while managing his network of over 20,000 business professionals worldwide! Within his business specialty, he 1st understands your business model, target market, and challenges your facing. Once discovered, he'll develop a unique way to automate your sales process and message of value. He does that through the unique technology offerings he teaches on: - Universal Mobile Apps - Mobile App Marketing - Online HD Video Commercials - Logo Animation Videos - eCommerce Sales Funnels + much more! Once you're branded through his world-renowned branding agency, Custom Online Branding, LLC., he will develop a unique "Marketing Blueprint" to show, step-by-step, how to utilize the technologies through his companies to capture more leads & convert more customers! He even offers 1 on 1 consulting to get even more in-depth experience into his marketing capabilities! Currently, he is a paid consultant on lead generation to over 800 brands worldwide including: celebrities, entertainers, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, speakers, coaches, network marketing companies, affiliates, attorneys, doctors, and hundreds of small business professionals from around the world! His client list includes: - Forbes Riley (SpinGym, HSN) - Kevin Harrington (Investor, Shark Tank) - Les Brown (#1 Motivational Speaker) - Wendy Stevens (LinkedIn Expert) - Greg S. Reid (Film-maker & Best-Selling Author) - Loral Langemeier (The Millionaire Maker) + Hundreds of professionals worldwide! His work has been featured on NBC, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg Radio, a CEO Space International graduate, and was named "One of the Best"​ by Facebook when they hit 1 million advertisers! https://images.cdnstabletransit.net/pull_images/300499.png?extra=icons&width=192&height=192&modified=1568217354&v= 911099150 http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/learn-with-manny/id911099150?ls=1&mt=8

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Manny Lopez